903 So. Walker St., Burgaw, NC 28425

Phone: (910) 259-0422

Welcome to Fitness Fusion Online

Fitness Fusion offers state-of-the-art fitness center equipment.
 We have a full staff of certified instructors to lead our class programs, and assist clients.

January, 2022 Schedule Update

   Group Fitness Schedule   

Mon -Fri 6am - 8pm
Saturday 8 am - 12 noon

Whether you're a workout veteran who needs a gym with great,  state-of-the-art equipment and a relaxed,   comfortable environment,  or you are looking for a place to start working towards a better you,  visit us at our location.

We are located near US Hwy 117 Bypass at 903 South Walker Street in Burgaw, NC.

Fitness Fusion has a great variety of classes offered on a regular basis.  Programs vary in intensity and workout.   We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their own personal goals for improving their physical health and overall well-being.

Membership Information


AGE 14 to 21 (eff date: Jan. 1, 2018)

$ 20.00 per Month (if paid monthly)
$ 18.00 per Month * (1 Yr. Contract = $ 216.00)

AGE 22 to 59 (eff date: Jan. 1, 2018)

$ 35.00 per Month (if paid monthly)
$ 25.00 per Month * (1 Yr Contract = $ 300.00)
$ 22.00 per Month * (2 Yr Contract = $ 528.00)
$ 20.00 per Month * (3 Yr Contract = $ 720.00)

SENIOR RATE - AGE 60 & OVER * (eff: Jan. 1, 2018)

$ 20.00 per Month (if paid monthly)
$ 18.00 per Month * (1 Yr Contract = $ 216.00)

* Fee - Paid in full or drafted monthly with approved credit or debit card.

* Senior Rate - Documentation required for verification of birth date.

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